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We work for children at risk in our country; i.e., the boys and girls who were born surrounded by the more complex issues of the society: extreme poverty, violence, drug addiction, delinquency, drug trafficking, begging, prostitution and everything which of them is derived. In environments as well, our children are constantly exposed to maltreatment, hunger, abuse, disease, and lack of opportunities in all level! As a result, later they become adolescents and young adults repeating the same patterns that lived in childhood. That is why we work with children at risk; to break the chain that plays over and over again the same conditions that make life annoys in Colombia.


Serve God, helping these communities through internal or external prevention programmers and alternative solutions to problems spiritual, socio-affective, intellectual, occupational, physical and environmental in the environment.


Honor and glorify God in the transformation of children, girls, young people, their families and their communities in status of high risk and vulnerability.

Our philosophy

Rescue the lost values as love and God as being creator substantiate and supreme that guides their lives, and strengthens their self-esteem as beings that deserve to be loved and respected. Provide the love of family to children entering the environment of home long term.


The program started its activities in 1996 in the “El Cartucho” sector in the center of Bogotá, where a high number of people marginalized from society was concentrated. In 2000, the National and District Governments decided to demolish the area, forcing the displacement of this population to other neighborhoods such as San Bernardo and Las Cruces. There, in that context of pain and lack of resources, our work continued. 

Starting in 2013, thanks to the help of our benefactors Henk and Lida Van Ruijven (Dutch citizens), our dream of obtaining two houses of our own began to become a reality.

In the town of Soacha we have a house that is the arrival center for children who take part in our program in this area of the city. We currently serve an approximate group of 90 children and volunteers, who are part of the community of the Rincon del Lago Neighborhood Located in (Soacha, Cundinamarca)


The restoration and transformation of lives is a complex and long-term work; that is why RISE AND SHINE is a program that develops in different stages and with several action fronts. Some of them are:

In this stage, visits to the houses are made to know the needs and individual problems. It is time to break barriers, gain confidence and generate bonds of friendship, essential foundation.

In our center we work with the children invited to the program in the following topics: establishment of norms, limits of mutual respect, socialization, discipline, personal hygiene and school leveling, with the aim that they can be linked to the school

normal de la comunidad.

The boys and girls that we managed to link to normal schools receive in the afternoon hours, snacks, lunch, school reinforcement, tutoring and integral and spiritual formation.

With the aim of achieving greater effectiveness in the purpose of the program, we work with parents on issues such as positive parenting, conflict resolution, development of esteem and value in God, etc.

We currently have a place located on the outskirts of Bogotá, in the municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama, where we train, guide and train our team of volunteers, children and missionaries.