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With your support, will look after our children

For contributions in Colombia:

If you want to contribute and you are in Colombia you can do it in any bank in the West, in the current account number 219-03371-9  On behalf of youth confession with a mission.

If you are in the USA

, you can do it like this: Write your check in the name of YWAM and send it to the next address, Please do not write any other name on the check – only YWAM.

ATTENTION: Accounting Department.
P.O Box 3000
Garden Valley

Please include in the envelope in which you send your check a piece of paper that says the donation is for Julian and Yulexi Pereira (Rise and Shine) Bogotá Colombia. Also write an email to o giving your name and the designation of your support to make sure it reaches us.  

Elsewhere you can do it through a bank transfer to our account in the US. Please request the information by email at

For online donations from anywhere in the world Now here's the link you can use to donate to our work:

You can donate online what you want through Payu latam