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Plan padrino

For us it is very important to develop integral people who can fulfill their dreams and have access to minimum subsistence conditions, therefore, the sponsor plan is oriented in the following stages:

With your economic contribution or kind, you can take an active part to bring the Love God and the necessary resources to be possible each of the stages of our program.

We appreciate your interest in listening to us and being able to consider supporting us in the way you think you could. In the same way we will be attentive to strategies or suggestions that can contribute to improve each day.

It is necessary the participation and cooperation of different entities, friends, family, churches, organizations, to financially leverage the activities of the program since the users (boys, girls and parents) do not have the economic capacity to make any contribution.

It requires didactic material, food, clothing and other basic implements that dignify each child for proper development in the program.

The activities are carried out in a leased house, however the need to acquire own homes and strengthen the project visualized in the long term continues.